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New School Beer | Upcoming Kings & Daughters Brewery to feature elegant, feminine, hoppy, low abv beers

Oregon brewing industry veteran Kyle Larsen and his wife Kacie are on the verge of launching their highly anticipated pandemic delayed Kings & Daughters Brewery via the upcoming Back Forty Beverage Company. Larsen got his start at Full Sail Brewing, became the head brewer Double Mountain Brewery in the early 2010’s before moving to the UK and leading Siren Craft Brew. Since returning to Oregon in 2019, Kyle has had stints at Thunder Island Brewing and head brewer of Trap Door Brewing while he and Kacie worked towards opening their dream project Kings & Daughters Brewery, which was originally targeted for a 2020 start date.

The name Kings & Daughters is evocative of the English pubs that the family enjoyed around the UK, and it also refers to their children. King, is a family name from past generations on Kyle’s side and it’s also the middle name of their son Whitman (4). The Larsen’s also have three daughters, Gwyneth (10), Love (7), and a three week old, Odette.

“We wanted to highlight our daughters specifically in our brewery name because our brand, our approach, our recipes, and our ethos are decidedly feminine: strong, elegant, inclusive, warm, and delicate. We want our daughters to have a sense of belonging and ownership in an industry that tends to be more masculine and male-dominated. We hope to be able to use our brand to support women’s rights, charities, and nonprofits,” says Kacie Larsen.

The first thing that may strike you about the Kings & Daughters is the light touch of a hand drawn logo illustration that is unlike what 99% of the beer brands look like today. Knowing that they wanted to visually symbolize the more delicate yet strong natural beauty of family and nature they landed on two intertwined peony, the “king of flowers.”

Kacie brings her own artistic background into the fold as a storyteller who developed as a photographer, and blogger who began developing recipes for publications in her early 20’s. Her aesthetic and approach to business and creative endeavors is to challenge the status quo and approach problems in new and unexpected ways. While Kyle is a linear and logical problem solver who grew up in the brewing industry and with that comes a deep experience as well as preconceptions based on what’s come before. “I bring a “dreamer” aspect to our brand and like to ask “why not?” a lot,” says Kacie.

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